IV Push Add Ons

Already interested in an infusion? Consider additional IV push add ons.


Feeling nauseated? Add on Zofran, one of the most commonly used anti-emetics to treat nausea!


Add on additional fluids for maximal hydration!


Glutathione works throughout the body to bind toxins and neutralize cellular waste products ( called free radicals ) responsible for causing oxidative stress and damage on the body. Free radicals have even been suggested to contribute strongly to the aging process and other negative health conditions. For this reason, as an antioxidant, glutathione is extremely important for the day to day healthy functioning of the body.


Vitamin participates in many roles in the body. These include: supporting immune, cerebrovascular, cardiac and eye health; maintaining healthy cartilage, bones, and teeth; assisting with iron absorption. It is also an important cofactor in collagen synthesis and acts as a powerful antioxidant.